Why Does Shakespeare Use Of Manipulation In Hamlet

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With self-serving power comes a vicious cycle of manipulation for cynical reasons. When one who is in power hopes to gain something for themselves they often manipulate people for cynical reasons. In Shakespeare’s 1603 play Hamlet, three powerful characters use their power to manipulate people into believing something or gaining information about another character. Through these three characters, Shakespeare sends a clear message that when one has a great power they may cynically misuse it for selfish reasons. With power comes influence and with influence comes persuasion. Polonius a character who is more worried about his own reputation than that of his sons uses manipulation to get one of his workers [Reynaldo] to spread rumors…show more content…
That is something that prince Hamlet know quite well. Hamlet a character who uses manipulation in an entirely different way than Claudius and Polonius who used manipulation to retrieve information, Hamlet uses manipulation to play mad. While Polonius and Claudius “spy” on the young prince, Hamlet purposely pretends to have gone mad. During a conversation with Polonius, Hamlet acts as though he is deranged and Polonius catches on claiming that, “He is far gone. And truly, in my/ youth, I suffered much extremity for love, very near/ this” (2.2.206-207). While Hamlet is not exactly mad in love he seems to have gotten his point across, to further his point he continues to play mad and Polonius voices, “Though this be madness, yet there is/ method in’t” (2.2.23-24).Still Hamlet pushes even farther to prove to Polonius and not to his knowledge Claudius that he has gone insane. After making an allusion to his death, Polonius states, “How/ pregnant sometimes his replies are! a happiness/ that often madness hits on, which reason and / {sanity} could not so prosperously be delivered of” (2.2.227-229). Hamlet manipulates his step-father/uncle and Polonius for the selfish reason of claiming

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