Alexander The Great Legacy

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Alexander, the youngest king of Macedonia, was the greatest military leader to ever lead an army into battle and well deserved the title of Alexander the Great. He was a brave and reckless fighter who was able to master the art of strategy. He was willing to fight any opponent and proved this in his many conquests throughout his reign as king of the Macedonians. He inspired many and left behind a legacy that resulted in a new age. This biography will prove that he well deserved the title of Alexander the Great through the discussion of his early life as king, his many conquests and the legacy he left behind. At the young age of 20, Alexander became the king of Macedonia after his father King Philip was assassinated. He was well prepared for…show more content…
Alexander had many conquests in his short term as King among these was his attack against the Persian Empire. His first battle with the Persians was at the Granicus in this battle Alexander was almost killed but the Macedonians pulled through and successfully took over the whole western half of Asia (Speilvogel, n/a). Alexander continued after this and the Battle of Issus was fought, once again the Macedonians won. After this Alexander and the Macedonians quickly took over Egypt, Syria and the Palestine. In Egypt Alexander took on the role of Pharaoh and named the capital of Egypt, Alexandria, after himself (Alexander the Great, n/a). After this Alexander began to battle for the ancient Mespotamin kingdoms against the Persians, once again Alexander and the Macedonians won again (Speilvogel, n/a). Since Alexander was able to take over the areas surrounding Persia it made the battle easier for the Macedonian army to battle as they had security all around (Tsouras, 2004).The leader of the Persian Darius was killed by one of his men and quickly Alexander became the king of the Persians, continuing conquests all over the area eventually entering India (Speilvogel, n/a). All of these conquests were fought in just 12 short years; Alexander was a very determined leader and fighter eventually he died from battle wounds, and fever at the age of 32. He just the 12 years of his leadership he was able to conquer the Greek city-states, Egypt and the Persian Empire these conquests are one of the main reasons he is known as such a great leader (Netton, Erickson, & Stoneman,
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