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Imagine being in a harsh winter environment, with blinding winds and sub zero temperatures. In that environment, there is barely any sunshine or sightings of the sun itself. Imagining yourself in a large lifeboat, with tiger on board and later, a hyena, with an upcoming storm and your thirst and hunger; limiting your movement because of the pain. That is what the situation is in the stories : “The Story of Keesh” and “The Life of Pi’. In “The Story of Keesh” and “The Life of Pi”, these stories are similar and different. In the stories “The Story of Keesh” and “The Life of Pi” both had uses with the elements of animals. In “The Life of Pi”, Pi finds himself stuck on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean, stuck with a tiger and hyena. The might of the tiger caused fear to motivate Pi, and Richard Parker kills the hyena, thus, removing an obstacle in Pis way. This is shown in “Did the hyena sense something of my mastery? Did it say to itself “Super alpha is watching me - I better not move?” I don’t know. At any fact, in the way it ducked its head it seemed to want to hide from me - And between us there was nothing but a thin tarpaulin…[Note: By this point in the story the tiger has killed the Hyena”. Also, Richard Parker himself…show more content…
In “The Story of Keesh”, Keesh is surrounded by polar bears with extreme weather. In “The Life of Pi”, Pi is stranded on a lifeboat with a tiger, hyena, and an upcoming storm. Keesh did not have a problem with the environment, as he came back from his hunts unscathed. However, Pi was practically doomed until he had the will to live by fear. Pi had almost no solution, the waters were crowded with sharks as well. If he swam, he would’ve died. If he stayed, he would’ve been killed by Richard Parker. If he did nothing, the storm would get him. As you can see, the environments of “The Story of Keesh” and the “Life of Pi” are

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