Iago And Roderigo In Act 5 Of Othello

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In the beginning go act five we are introduced to Iago and Roderigo who are waiting in a dark street for Cassio. They are both going with the plan to kill Cassio that night. Iago gave Roderigo a sword so he can murder Cassio with, Iago tries to leave Roderigo because he doesn't want to be seen during the murder of Cassio but Roderigo tells Iago to stay close just incase he needs help. Iago doesn't listen to Roderigo and gets away. Iago then tells the audience only of his master plan he explains “Now, whether he kill Cassio or Cassio kill him, or each do kill the other everyday makes my gain.” (5.1,1332). While Roderigo is in the bushes he sees Cassio approaching and leaps out to stab him but Cassio avoids him and pushes him back out of no where Iago appears and grabs the sword and stabs Cassio in the legs, Cassio tries to call out for help and Othello nearby hears his screams.…show more content…
While Iago is harming Cassio two men show up and startle Iago leaving him to pretend that he was a witness and was saving Cassio, Iago tells Cassio that he will go find the person that was stabbing him,Iago goes off and finds Roderigo snd stabs him. Bianca enters the scene with the two men that had heard Cassio crying for help they notice how Cassio is injured and Iago interrupts her saying that the assailant was Roderigo, Iago asks Cassio if he had ever had any problems with him but Cassio says that he never knew him, everyone turns to Bianca because Iago suggested that she had something to do with this. Emilia show’s up and Iago tells her everything but the truth he says “Roderigo who is dead now joined with other fellows, who now escaped, to assault Cassio, who is now very wounded. Iago then tells Emilia to inform Othello and Desdemona with the news of the

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