When Pride Goes Wrong Analysis

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The Perils of Pride Pride, it can make a team win the big game, or make a young man fantasize being the top doctor in his field, for pride is often a word followed by happy situations with most likely joyful people. Although with the good, there is also the bad. Pride, it can make a team be, almost too enthusiastic or cocky and cause them to have a poor match, it can cause someone to put others down, exclaiming they are and will be the best. Too much pride is almost too good, but what is too much pride, when can you be too humble, and is an abundance of pride worse than none at all? Pride is a delicate thing, it is a quality everyone has, whether a humble man or a or an arrogant man it defines us. But pride can bring out the worst in us all.…show more content…
Steven Aicinena, it focuses on pride is commonly looked at as good. “Pride is generally considered to be a positive emotion…” (Aicinena 1) As was described previously, pride is often considered to be a good tendency and is encouraged, but “Pride however can be a very damaging emotion it can serve as the motivation for harmful behavior as individuals seem to bolster and protect their pride” (Aicinena 1) Pride is still quite pleasant “…it conjures up images like…a parents delight in an accomplishment of a child…”(Aicinena 1) However the negative seem to outweigh the positives. “…act recklessly in all the pursuit of glory” (Aicinena 2) That statement in its seven words show just how quickly pride can turn. When your pride can hurt others it has reached a point where it is not worth…show more content…
She believes that she looks too ragged and will be made fun of, so she buys an elegant new dress and borrows a beautiful necklace from a friend. At the party her level of pride was through the roof, good pride that is. “The day of the party arrived. Madame Loisel was a great success. She was the prettiest woman there – resplendent, graceful, beaming, and deliriously happy. All the men looked at her…” (Maupassant 336) These sentences describe her happiness all too well, she had so much pride. She knew that she looked immaculate and she never had felt better. Her feelings of pride were positive and she felt good at last about her appearance, and everyone knew it. After Madame Loisel’s spectacular time at this party, she noticed something had gone askew, her necklace had gone missing.so she had to find a way to get a new one without letting her friend know. “...they found a diamond necklace which they decided looked exactly like the other. It was worth 40,000 francs.” (Maupassant 340) Although the couple had found a matching necklace, they dd not have the money to pay for it. So in that case they had decided to borrow money to buy the necklace. All of the debts had taken their toll on Madame Loisel. “Madame Loisel came to know the awful life of the poverty-stricken.” (Maupassant 340) This shows the trouble that Madame Loisel went through just to remain

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