I Love You Short Story

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Harry It had been the most wonderful life that both of us are living in. The love that we have shared and make this relationship stronger than ever. The episode we had between me, Jasper and Issac were a test of hearts between us and we did pass it with flying colors. There was no doubt that we do love each other so much. The acceptance and understanding from the people around, especially both of our parents and best friends, complemented it beautifully. It had not for a day that we never say the word "I Love You" to one another. The hugs, kisses and affections were like rainbows, decorating our hearts. Nothing is more perfect than where we are right now. By being beside each other always and forever It was a Friday, the last day of school,…show more content…
Did our parents know? When are we leaving?" He asked multiple questions at one time. By then his tears had fallen down his cheeks. "Wo, wo, wo, hold your horses babe." I tried to calm him down and used my thumb to clear away his tears. "To answer your question, yes, we are going on a romantic holiday, yes, our parents have given their permission, and we are leaving tomorrow, for a morning flight." I managed to answer all of his questions in one breath "So later, when I sent you back home, you need to go and pack your things as you will be staying at my house for tonight." I reminded him. "And make sure you have packed enough clothing for a three day two night stays." For this trip I had made all the reservation one month in advance without Jasper realizes it, so we would not have any set back when we reached there. From the hotel booking to the sightseeing to the restaurant, where we are going to have a romantic couple dinner for two during the first night of our stay Jasper stayed at my place for the night and he will be sleeping in my room, sharing my bed. All night long we had talked about the trip. When time to sleep, he lay beside me while cuddling my body. We did a short make out session with lots of kissing and cuddling, before we totally fell
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