Why Gum Should Be Banned

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Growing up there was one thing or product that I could not live without and this was chewing gum. I loved everything about it the unwrapping of a new piece, the vibrant taste as you chew the fresh piece, and the challenge of trying to stuff all the amounts of gum you can in your mouth to make the biggest bubble ever or at least in your mind. This simple and perfect tradition is banned from most schools when if they want us as students to feel comfortable while learning need to re think their ban. To begin, BBC News states that gum chewing increases brain function by making the heart beat faster causing blood and nutrients to rush to the brain. A higher functioning brain can mean many helpful things like memory and concentration increases. If a student…show more content…
A survey taken by The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research proved that fifty-nine percent of adolescents twelve to nineteen have some form of tooth decay that can be highly expensive for the people who are forced to pay for them. On the same hand, chewing up strengthens the gums and the teeth that dramatically decrease the chances of forming tooth issues. Educational institutions are supposedly dedicated to their students and their wellbeing. If this is the case, they should be obliged to help the families of their students in every simple way they can. At the same time, there are other ways gum provides health benefits like digestion. Here at Marist school nearly four people a day go to the clinic and miss class due to a upset stomach. Since they miss class they are set at a disadvantage from all the other students because of this schools fast pace and rigorous teaching style. There is absolutely no reason why a person who is suffering a illness should be set at a disadvantage because of a completely random thing. A smart solution would be to allow people to chew gum at

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