I Heart Me Character Analysis

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Remorseful. Isolated. Romantic. In the novel I heart you, you haunt me by Lisa Schroeder. It's a romantic novel between Jackson and Ava. Ava and Jackson live in a suburban town in the current time. Ava is heartbroken because of Jackson's death. Ava bawls for for several days after Jackson's death, until she senses the presence of Jackson. She couldn't believe Jackson could be in her house. Jackson would turn on the music and open up things. Ava eventually begins to enjoy the presence of Jackson's ghost. Ava wants to be at home more often to talk to Jackson. However Ava's mom would like her to view a specialist and to be the old Ava. Ava blames herself for his death because she dared Jackson to jump off the cliff in Hawaii. When Ava begins to hang out with a boy she met at the beach during a vacation. She notices Lyric has feelings for her, but she discovered hanging out with Jackson's spirit was a mistake. Eventually, Ava begins to avoid sleep because of Jackson. Every time she sleeps, she dreams of him. Ava talks to Jackson, and tells him she was terribly sorry for killing him. Jackson tells Ava he came back to resolve some issue, and the problem he came back was for Ava's remorse. He asked her if she gave him all her remorse she had, he would be…show more content…
Ava is a fifteen year old girl, who was dating Jackson. Ava is a happy, warm-hearted, and hopeful girl. Ava wanted to be glad with Jackson, but she couldn't make her dream come true. All she wanted was the old Ava back. Jackson was a fifteen year old boy, who loved Ava. He enjoyed making Ava cheerful, but when Jackson's ghost came to view Ava. He wanted Ava to have remorses, but Jackson realized he was causing pain in her. He decides to ask Ava to hand over all her remorse. He wanted to make her happy. Ava and Jackson are the main characters, which make the novel revolve around them. They interact with the minor characters. Ava and Jackson's issues impact the
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