Theme Of Poverty In The Hunger Games

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In Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games,the most significant theme is the inequality between the rich and the poor, which shows the seriousness of extreme poverty in some district, but some people are very wealthy in the Capitol as well. In Panem, people who are rich could receive better treatment, especially those in the Capitol. The Capitol is the biggest and wealthiest district among the whole country, there are various high-tech tools which may not appear in the real world, not even in a modern country in 21st century. These high-tech tools included some touchless tools like the control panel used in the arena as well as a high speed railway system which took Katniss and other tributes travel from their own district to the Capitol.…show more content…
People in District 12 were having hard and tough life with insufficient power supply and food offerings, “District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety”(6). they have to use candle for lighting. According to the book, Katniss have to bear the risk of public execution to go hunting in the woods illegally which reflect people there have to find way to get as much food as possible for their family survival as there are many foods available in the woods mentioned by Katniss “But there is always food if you know how to find it”(3). Besides, poor people have the responsibility to be selected as tributes for Hunger Games for entertainment for all citizen which shows how ridiculous is the country. Tributes may not have a chance to return to meet their dearest family and friends, “Really, really try [ to win the Hunger Games]. I swear it”(36) shows how they are not willing to participate. However, Katniss is still willing to sacrifice herself to volunteer as a tribute to replace her younger sister, Prim. I admired her very much as I may not be able to make such decision if I were facing that situation.We must admit that people in District 12 and others district is not fortunate to

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