Was The American Revolution Justified Essay

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After an extensive battle with Great Britain, finally on July 2, 1776, Congress finally declared the United States as an independent land. The United States finally gained independence but it wasn’t until two days later that the Declaration of Independence was adopted. They were no longer taxed by Britain on their goods, and they had the right to make their own currency and have an economy of their own. All this was not accomplished overnight and it was made possible with the hope and perseverance of the colonist. By 1770, many of the colonist believed that the British were trying to abolish American freedom. In the book, this opinion was justifiable because of the many Acts placed on the colonies by British Parliament that made the life of the colonist tough. Some of the acts that brought the colonist over the edge were, the Stamp Act of 1765, Sugar Act, Townshend Act, Currency Act as well as the Proclamation of 1763 . With so many acts in place, the colonist natural reaction was…show more content…
The colonies wanted to run their own nation, and not be tied to Great Britain and their unjust laws. America wanted to make their own taxes and create their own currency something that was taken away from them in 1763 when Parliament banned the manufacturing of paper money and the reason for that was to control colonial economic action1. One good thing that the injustice of the Stamp Act was that the colonist gathered rather than confronting individually. The colonies wanted the freedom that they deserved. By 1775, there were many slogans for liberty one of the many was “Give me liberty, or Give me death” by Patrick Henry1. The colonist based their claims on the idea of “natural rights and universal freedom.1” These ideas were made popular by people like John Locke and Tom Paine. With the help of many other influential people, America was able to gain

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