Compare And Contrast Hunger Games And Katniss

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Throughout centuries people have always been attracted to books as a primary source of entertainment. In many cases, what specifically attract the reader are the characters and how the reader can relate to the characters. In the novel the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, I found that I had many similarities and a few differences to the main character, Katniss Everdeen. To be specific, Katniss and I relate in terms of repaying our debts, protecting our family and friends, and working hard to keep up with life throws at us. Katniss and I feel the same way as to owning something to someone. “He let you go because he didn’t want to owe you anything?” Asked Peeta. “Yes. I don’t expect you to understand it. You’ve always had enough.” Said Katniss (Collins, 292). I hate to owing people something because I feel me being hapless and asking…show more content…
If get mad because I have some bad experiences in the past with owing people stuff. When you owe someone i are no longer free, you are in debt which can lead to many problems for you. For example what if I end up not paying it back the humiliation is unbearable. Or maybe I would lose more then I got from the person. For example if I took money from the bank I would have to pay interest, but if I saved and got the money I would be more independent and not have to worry about being in debtfor life. Katniss feel bad for owing Thresh her loyalty, respect and life for letting her live, which in the end made thresh harder to win the hunger games. All because Katniss was with Rue’s teams, it was also clear Thresh did not want to help Katniss but the guilt of not owing her for teaming with Rue took over, which he gave him a disadvantage to win. This made Katniss made that she is not is in debt to Thresh for his petty for her. This reminds me of how I got into a fight at school and a boy helped me and we did not like each other. He did it for me because I was a good friend of his

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