Hunger Games Book Vs Movie

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It’s inevitable that there were countless similarities between The Hunger Games book and the movie, as the movie was based off of the book. However, there were plenty of major differences that stood out in the movie in comparison to the book. In particular, the way characters died, Peeta’s leg situation, and lastly, how Katniss received various gifts. These changes were made in the movie each with a specific purpose. A significant portion of The Hunger Games story are scenes and passages of deaths. Yet, more importantly, of how these scenes and passages describe the deaths and how they happened. Suzanne Collins made the deaths of the tributes thrilling and exciting. In the book a character named Thresh from District 11 killed Clove, a career…show more content…
The career tribute from District 2 died in the book after hours of battling Katniss and Peeta on the Cornucopia. Once Katniss shot Cato’s hand, he fell off the Cornucopia into the mutations. It took the mutations hours to kill Cato since they couldn’t get through his body armor. On the other hand, in the movie, Cato didn’t have body armor and died within minutes after Katniss shot an arrow at him and he fell off the Cornucopia. If the movie followed the book perfectly the movie would have been boring, as stretching one specific death out would lose the audience. But, in the book the readers could imagine how long the death took. As you can see there were plenty differences between the deaths of tributes in the book and the movie, but they had a purpose that truly made both, the movie and the book, better in their own…show more content…
At the beginning of the book, Katniss gets the Mocking Jay pin from a girl named Madge who is the mayor’s daughter. The reason for this gift is because Madge wanted it to represent something from her District. In the movie Katniss asks an elderly lady at the Hob how much the pin was, and the lady just gave her the pin as she knew that Katniss was in the Games. The movie can only be so long, in respect to that, keeping every single detail from the book would not only confuse the audience, but it would also make the movie too long. The film was unable to follow Suzanne Collins idea completely, but substituted it by still including the author’s idea of the

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