Hunger Games Movie Vs Book Essay

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My class just finished reading the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. This book takes place in the future part of the great continent that erstwhile was North america. This book is like a continent with districts. There was once 13 districts that made up this continent now known as panem. The dark days was when the 13 districts caused an uprising against the capitol. The 13th district now extinct to the world was the only district to die out. Therefore this book has an annual battle known as the Hunger games. the hunger games are a battle to death in which two kids ages twelve through eighteen. the hunger games have one boy and one girl from each district fight until there is only one last tribute. This book is about a girl named katniss everdeen, who cares for her family ever since she was twelve when her father died in a coal mining detonation. This year's Hunger Games has peeta mellark and katniss in the games. Some differences that were not so much vehement were that in the book…show more content…
This is how we were going to know that prim was still alive. one of, if not the biggest difference is that Madge did not give katniss the pin in the movie. This was a huge difference because in the movie a lady let katniss keep the pin. Also madge palys a huge role later on in the book. The difference that really bugged me in the book was that in the novel Peeta lost his leg and had to walk with a prosthetic leg. This bothered me because in the next book, Peeta must compete in the 75th hunger games as well, and he wouldnt be able to compete with one leg. Another small difference that really affected was the fact that Haymitch send a note with every gift. Also the fact that Cinna told them to hold hands in the book was also big. in the film, peeta thought of the idea that they should. these were some small dfferences that really changed it

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