The Hunger Games Movie Vs Book

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In this generation, dystopian and post-apocalyptic narratives have been extremely popular. These types of movies and books have been proven to appeal many readers and they crave for more. “Science fiction such as The Hunger Games trilogy offers young adults a personally meaningful and enjoyable experience with literature while promoting the development of key decoding and comprehension skills” (Curwood 418). In 2008, Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games was released. The novel received incredible recognition and praise, not just for being entertaining, but for also expressing profound content. In particular, it enabled a critical reflection and examination of the relationship between the media and the audience. In March 2012, the novel was depicted…show more content…
The producer of the movie did an incredible job portraying Cinna as he was described by Suzanne Collins in the book. In the book, Katniss contemplated, “I’m taken aback by how normal he looks. Most of the stylists they interview on television are so dyed, stenciled, and surgically altered they’re grotesque. But Cinna’s close-cropped hair appears to be its natural shade of brown. He’s in a simple black shirt and pants. The only concession to self-alteration seems to be metallic gold eyeliner that has been applied with a light hand” (Collins 63). In the movie, the stylists and the citizens of the Capitol dress ridiculously. They had colored hair, absurd hair styles, unusual clothes, unnatural skin colors, and wore extreme amounts of makeup. Meanwhile in the movie, Cinna dressed casually, meaning no ridiculous hair or clothes, simply just a layer of metallic gold eyeliner. He was portrayed exactly like this in both the movie and the…show more content…
Collins wrote from Katniss’ viewpoint saying, “But today the black cinder streets are empty. Shutters on the squat gray houses are closed. Our house is almost at the edge of the seam. I only have to pass a few gates to reach the scruffy field called the Meadow. Separating, the Meadow from the woods, in fact enclosing all of District 12, is a high chain-link fence topped with barbed-wire loops” (Collins 5). The scenes in the movie that show the seam during the morning of the reaping day are spot-on and are correctly described just like from the book. It was important for the producer of the movie to capture the essence that the reaping day causes. “Although the producer, Nina Jacobson, initially worried about making a film for children that features violence between them, she decided that the project would work if the film took the same approach Collins did in the book, by staying inside of Katniss’s character and managing to comment on the violence without ever exploiting it” (Henthorne 19). The reaping is not meant to be a happy or joyful event, which is why it is crucial to convey how distressing the day is. The movie accurately captured the mood and tone that the reaping day should have

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