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Morality is your sense of right and wrong, it’s not something you are born with but something you learn over time. You go through life learning it from your family, friends and your own personal mistakes. However, in some cases morality is never taken into consideration when faced with decisions that may lead to life changing consequences. In the novel, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini tells the readers that when a society bases life on what social status you're in, it begins to affect your sense of right and wrong. He introduces three characters Amir, Baba, and Assef who are being challenged with the choice of social status/validation over morality. Hosseini argues that morality is compromised for social status/validation due to the fear of…show more content…
The Kite Runner is a great novel that shows us that life isn’t all about what society thinks of you because if you don’t choose morality over social status you’re left with a lifetime of regret. Also that social status comes and goes but your past mistakes live with you forever which causes you to search for forgiveness and acceptance in yourself for choosing the wrong things in life . In the end of the novel, Amir gets the chance to right his wrongs when he is able to go back to Pakistan and make amends with Hassan’s son, Sohrab, even though this is a way of redeeming himself, Amir will never be able to fix his relationship with Hassan. Due to both Baba and Hassan’s death they are both unable to know the truth. Hosseini leaves us with faith that Amir has finally learned his lesson when he takes Sohrab to America to have a better life even though the Muslim community disapproves. Hosseini shows us, through Amir and Baba, that if you don’t choose morality you will live your whole life trying to make up for

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