Huck Finn's Attitude Towards Society

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In both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Scarlet Letter, we see the main characters, Huck and Hester, reject the society in which they live in. Hester rejects her society because of the way they outcast her for committing adultery. The Puritans have a very strict society where sins like adultery are considered very severe. Hester rejects the religious views and laws of her society. Huck rejects the southern society he grew up in. His father was a jobless drunk which was the start of this hatred, and even prevented Huck from becoming “civilized”. After Huck helped Jim escape, he lost any chances of rejoining the society. Helping a slave run away was considered stealing and was harshly punished. His main rejections are the rejection of slavery and his drunken father’s actions. Huck and Hester are both very rebellious when it comes to the laws, people, and actions their society conveys. Hester rejects her seventeenth century Puritan Boston society. Hester committed adultery with Arthur Dimmesdale which was an extremely huge sin. Since the Puritans ran their society on religious values, this was a huge…show more content…
Huck grew up with terrible experiences. His dad was a drunk who had very little money. He beat Huck when he was drunk and ended up in jail very often,”But by and by pap got too handy with his hick’ry, and I couldn’t stand it. I was all over in welts.”(35). Eventually, Huck was adopted by Widow Douglas who wanted to civilize him. This raised his hopes of fitting into the society but it was soon crushed when his dad kidnapped him. Since his father received almost no education and Huck was going to school everyday, he thought Huck was trying to be better than him. This is unnatural since most parents want their children to better than they do. Huck was beat in the shack and received no education after being kidnapped. His father negatively impacted Huck’s future and severely crippled him of being

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