Neil Degrasse Tyson's Things People Say

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The spectrum of what the human eye can see and observe, is undeniable. However, there’s seems to be some disconnect, one which vastly differs from this statement. No matter how much a human being can observe in the conceivable universe, the amount of information and retention lies within every individual. Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson shares some enlightening facts that pertain to this exact idea. In his article, “Things People Say,” Tyson explains common misconceptions that people encounter and still believe today. The expectations that humans have of one another is almost astounding. Being able to blindly believe the knowledge of another, regardless of taking into account its credibility, is in itself befuddling to me. Tyson says, “We all carry some blindly believed knowledge because we cannot test every statement uttered by others.” He goes on further to explain how in certain cases, this is true, but can also be so false. We have become a society where credibility has become a thing of non-importance. People are so used to just accepting these facts and passing…show more content…
However, if a person blatantly disregards truth when it is clearly sound because of a predisposed belief, this is when the line thins. The article states, “When scientifically investigating the natural world, the only thing worse than a blind believer is a seeing denier.” There is a significant difference between ignorance and negligence. Neglecting to be informed on matters greater than one’s personal beliefs just inhibits an opportunity to expand a person’s range. Albeit it is within a person’s will to believe whatever they want to believe, but I feel it’s so unfortunate to live life in such a small box. Limiting yourself to such a degree is almost cruel, humans have so much potential to do great things, and yet some still shun

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