United Break Taylor Guitar Case Study

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“United, you broke my Taylor guitar.” David Carroll, the victim of United Airlines sang in the video on YouTube. United Breaks Guitar was one of the viral music video in 2009 which describe the bad custody of the United Airlines. However, the United Airlines is one of the major airlines in America which has the largest number of destinations in the world. In 1929, William E. Boeing and Frederick B. Rentschler founded the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation providing military aircrafts for the World War series. They innovated the new air-cooled engines that benefited both commercial and military aircrafts used to become the largest airline in America in 1933. Since Boeing and Rentschler were the pioneers in the aircraft evolution who develop the manufacturing of aircrafts, they were the successful entrepreneurs with plentiful…show more content…
Rentschler was worked in his family business called Republic Motor Car Co. as a molder and machinist. This was a company that manufacture republic cars from 1910 until 1916. However, he gained the basic mechanical skills and knowledge from Republic Motor Car Co. When the U.S. entered WWI in 1917, he joined the United State Army. Later on, he built Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company and provided their products to U.S. Navy. In the other hand, Boeing learned to flight at Glenn L. Martin Flying school in Los Angeles in 1915. In 1925, he founded his own aircraft manufacturing company called Pacific Aero Product Company (later soon renamed Boeing Company), which later combined Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company became part of the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. Therefore, these plentiful experience developed the foundation of Boeing and Rentschler’s business, and made United Airlines become a successful aviation company in

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