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Olympics in Greece A new way to honor the great god Zeus! My name is Milo, Milo of Croton, Italy to be exact. This girl named Kristen told me to tell you about the Olympics here in Olympia, but who hasn’t heard of them already, they’ve been around since 776 BCE. What better way to honor the great gods, and Zeus, of course. The gods want champions, so the Olympics would provide champions to please all gods. The events last one day, but the council is talking about extending it to three days in 684 BCE. Running races, long jump, boxing, discus, wrestling, the pentathlon, pankration and equestrian events were all part of the games. Lots to choose from! But only men who speak Greek can compete, and we have to compete naked! Embarrassing right? Most of us train in public gymnasiums. We believe that it is extremely important to stay fit and healthy. The games provide an attractive way to get fit for military training. Soldiers are expected to have lots of endurance to walk long distances. Married women are not permitted to watch the men perform in the Olympics. They also aren’t allowed to enter the main Olympic events. But they have their own contest, in honor of Hera, Zeus’s wife and sister. They usually included many different foot races. If a…show more content…
The first awards the victor receives are right after the event he participated in. The herald would announce his name. Then a hellanodikis, (judge) would give him a palm branch to hold in his hands while red ribbons were tied around his hands to mark victory. The audience is very enthusiastic about the victor, so they are usually cheering while this is happening. However, the official awards ceremony would be at the temple of Zeus. Here, the herald would announce the victor’s name, his father's name, and his home land. Then, the hellanodikis will place the sacred kotinos, (olive tree wreath) on the head of the
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