How To Be A Skilled Immigrant Essay

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Skilled Immigrant Many people look to become skilled immigrants working in Canada. Certain criteria needs to be met to become a skilled immigrant in Canada. Firstly, those considered to be eligible skilled immigrants will be placed in the Express Entry pool with other candidates and given a score based on several factors. You will then be invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada if you are selected as one of the top candidates. To be considered as an ‘eligible candidate’ you must be a skilled worker with the following experience and qualifications: • At least one year (which accounts for 1 560 hours total or 30 hours per week) of continuous full-time/part time work • All work must have been paid for. Any volunteer work or internships will not count • Your work experience should be in the same NOC skill type (0, A or B) • This work experience should have…show more content…
If not you must: • Currently be able to work legally in Canada or • Have been offered a valid job offer from an employer in Canada The Express Entry Pool Once you have met all the requirements, you will be placed in the Express Entry Pool. You will receive notification of this in your My CIC account. You will then be scored using a ranking system based on the previous factors – the higher your score, the better your chances are to be invited to apply for permanent residence. Invitation to apply Once you received notification that you have been accepted into the pool, you will need to start gathering your supporting documents needed to apply for permanent residence as you could receive your invitation to apply at any time thereafter. You may be invited to apply if you have been nominated by a province or territory, have a valid job in Canada or are among the top ranked in the pool based on your skills and

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