Descriptive Essay On California State

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California State California State is located on the West coast part of the United States, and the population in California has been 38 million people living there. However, the weather in California is always wormed and shining and the temperature is perfect for all activates people can do there. Moreover, with all the resources online people can find many attractive places in California. Therefore, there are a variety of places and the atmosphere that attracts different kind of people for instance: water coaster, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, and Golden Gate Bridge. In the summer people intend to travel to California to enjoy the beautiful weather and views and have fun in the first water coaster in the southern California. The water…show more content…
Moreover, the waterfall, the great views, the landscape, and the wild activates in the Yosemite National Park has attracted visitors from all over the United States. People can get relaxed and back the nature with the beautiful environment to restore their energy. Additionally, there are many places like Yosemite National Park for example Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The Lake Tahoe is located high in the mountains couples in honeymoon can get alone by themselves and enjoy the views. Also, Lake Tahoe is a playground for water activities on during the summer, but in the winter people can practice ice skiing in the mountains. On the other hand, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park known for the tremendous size of the tree and people can have fun while hiking or camping in the park. San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is one of the landscapes that people never forget how it is so beautiful, even in different kind of weather the views change to become more beautiful. When the cloud cover the lower part of the Golden Gate Bridge the sea cannot see the views become fabulous and unforgettable. In conclusion, California is a great travel destination for all kinds of people to enjoy their time during their vacation. However, with all these attractions, places visitor never get bored. Moreover, the weather is an important factor that

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