How The Atomic Bomb Changed The World

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The creation and use of the atomic bomb can be considered the united states crossing the rubicon. The creation of the bomb was seen as the beginning of a new era a much darker era. The use of such a weapon crossed many morale boundaries. The display of the atomic bomb plunged the world into the cold war and the fear of mutually assured destruction. I believe that the creation and use of the atomic bomb was an event that changed the world forever. Creating the bomb was the first step to a changed world. It was believed that nazi germany and imperial japan could develop similarly devastating weapons that could then be used on the allies. The united states response to this threat was to make the weapon first and so the manhattan project was born in sites all over the country where different scientists worked on different parts of the project. Later into the project they needed a site to build the bombs so they chose Los alamos or “site-y”. Production of the bomb continued until it was ready to test and they chose a site near alamogordo army airfield codenamed Trinity. At Trinity they tested one bomb successfully and that leads us to our next step.…show more content…
Using the bomb on japan is still questioned as being unnecessary and not the right thing to do but regardless of whether it was right or not it informed nations around the world of the new destructive power the united states had in her possession. The soviet union most notably already had knowledge of the atomic bomb from informant in the U.S. nuclear program. Four years later the soviet union had tested their first bomb. These events had thrown the world into a state of fear of the massive destructive power held by the two largest superpowers of the
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