Fort Iron Short Story

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Fort Iron was the second to last stop on the bus route. The entire ride took almost 12 hours and Brandon tried his best to sleep through it but it was hopeless. He had slept maybe 45 minutes as a result of him being anxious about what he was about to get himself into. By the time he had reached his stop there were only 4 people left on the bus; an elderly man that had gotten on 3 stops prior and immediately went to sleep, a young couple that couldn’t keep their hands off of one another, and Charlie-a man in his early 30s that had gotten on the stop after Brandon and decided to sit next to him and introduce himself. He was headed to the next town over, to start his new job on an oil rig and if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was going there to cash in a winning lottery ticket. He spent the better part of the bus ride telling Brandon about his life. Everything from how he had gotten the scar above his lip from taking a hockey stick to the face when he was 12 to how his brother in law set him up with his new job and how grateful he was about it.…show more content…
Questions like where he was from, where he was going, and what his childhood was like. Brandon responded with one word answers in hopes that he’d get the hint and cut it out. But that didn’t deter Charlie one bit; he continued to spit out question after question. When the question about where he was coming from arose Brandon told him he was visiting an old friend for the weekend because he didn’t want to have to explain to this complete stranger that he was coming from prison. Not because he was ashamed but because he knew it would lead to a dozen other questions and he didn’t want to think about that right now. He had done enough thinking in the past 4 and half

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