How The Manhattan Project Affected America

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The Manhattan Project “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”—Robert Oppenheimer. Robert Oppenheimer was at the top of scientists working on creating the world’s first atomic bomb, a project codenamed “Manhattan”. Scientists in Germany discovered nuclear fission, the ability to split one uranium atom. This could trigger a chain reaction with unbelievably devastating effects. When word spread to the United States of this discovery, the government decided that there could be no way that Germany could crack this before them. The U.S did win that race, and it changed America. The Manhattan Project positively affected America in 3 main ways; it helped end World War II, it boosted America’s militaristic advantages, and it opened the era of superweapons. To begin, the first way the Manhattan Project positively affected America was helping to end World War II. After the rest of the Axis surrendered, Japan stubbornly decided they would stay in it to win it. This was highly implausible as the Allies were still completely intact, and America was on the verge of having the Atomic bomb as one of their playing cards in this war. Gadget, the first Nuclear Bomb, was just being manufactured and tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico. During the countdown for this bombs explosion, George…show more content…
America was the only country to own a super weapon, but that changed when Russia developed an atomic bomb and started the Cold War. America responded by developing an even more powerful weapon, a hydrogen bomb. This bomb, when tested, destroyed the island that was so unluckily ground zero. It could have taken out half of Manhattan. All of the world’s nuclear missiles combined have “more than enough destructive power to wipe out the human race for good”. America ushered this era into being, and even though it is scary, it is

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