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John Dalton was born September 6, 1766 in Eaglesfield, United Kingdom, and he died July 26, 1844. He started becoming a scientist at the age of 26 while teaching philosophy at a college. He later researched more into the science field and later became a scientist. John Dalton had many notable experiments like figuring out how different scientific laws worked. His most notable experiment was color blindness. John was one of the first to research this problem. He found out many new things about color blindness. John Dalton has four parts to his Atomic Theory. First is he believes atoms are indestructible and all matter is made up of atoms. Next he believes that atoms of an element are identical. Next is that compounds are formed from a combination…show more content…
Thompson did many research projects that help people understand science better. One day he was studying positively charged ions,and found out that neon was made of two different atoms. He was the first person ever to use mass spectrometry. When J.J. Thomson discovered the electron it changed the atomic theory. He then said that atoms are made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons. He proved that the atom was divisible. In result this put out a new atomic theory. Ernest Rutherford was born August 30, 1871 in Spring Grove, New Zealand, and died October 19, 1937. He was a chemist, physicist, and scientist in his lifetime, and he earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his theory of Atomic Structure. He was also called the Father of the Nuclear Age. Ernest had many researches and discoveries for the science world. He discovered many different things about radiation and radioactivity. Ernest made a road to the invention of the nuclear bomb from his studies. He was awarded with many awards in his life. Ernest Rutherford and some other men tried to examine the structure of an atom. In doing so the atomic nucleus became part of the Rutherford atom model. The model showed electrons circling the nucleus, and became very

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