The Underground Railroad Research Paper

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The slave days of America are one of America’s most horrible and shameful eras. African Americans were treated like they were nothing but property, and the American citizens inflicted this treatment upon them with no guilt. There seemed to be no hope for the African Americans at this time. But, there was a way to escape this imprisonment. There was a secret way filled with danger, close escapes, and in the end, the long-awaited freedom every slave longed for. This secret path to freedom was called the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a network of people that secretly helped runaway slaves escape slavery and find their way to a free life. This secret railroad helped many slaves escape. Some people involved in this railroad…show more content…
All slaves were considered property to their master. The master of a slave had the right to inflict upon the slave anything they pleased. They could break up families, beat the slaves, and even kill them if they wanted to. Because of this harsh treatment, a lot of slaves chose to run away on the Underground Railroad. “If caught, not only did the runaway slave face almost certain death, but the rest of the slaves on the plantation were often witness to his/her execution and were punished themselves.” Running away was a very hard task because anyone could recognize a runaway as a slave. To find freedom, the slave must make his or her way to the northern states or to…show more content…
But something was different about him. He did not believe in slavery, like the many people he lived around. When he was grown, he opened a school for uneducated slaves, which was mostly all of them. But, sadly, the school was quickly shut down because the slave masters forbade the slaves to attend his school. Soon, Levi Coffin moved to Newport, Indiana where he realized his property was lying on a track, the track of the Underground Railroad. Levi Coffin decided he wanted to help the slaves. He was a very successful merchant and invested a lot of his money in the Underground Railroad. Because of his generosity and charity to the Underground Railroad, Levi Coffin became known as the president of the Underground Railroad. Although Levi Coffin was born and raised in the South, he believed in equality and freedom for

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