A Streetcar Named Desire Compare And Contrast

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“A street car named desire” is written by Tennessee Williams. Tennessee Williams is a famous American playwright, Williams won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for “a street car named desire” in 1948. Williams shows that in his play Men and masculinity means violence, aggression, physical dominance with an absence of manners, sympathy and lack of education. A Streetcar Named Desire emphasizes a continuous plunge into madness, comprehended by misfortune, gloom, money related ruin, and the cruelty of others. "Madness" in the play is just an attempted escape from reality. Furthermore the play illustrate the conventional sexual orientation parts of an overwhelming spouse who brings home the cash and pays the bills; and the housewife who is in charge…show more content…
However those three differ in some aspects toward the end. In the Hollywood movie and play, the end was somehow similar. Which reflects the American society back then in the early 1900’s and leaves the audience with a clear perception of Stanly and Stella life. But the Egyptian movie shows how Stella couldn’t go back to her home after sending her Blanche to mental institution and knowing what happened between her and her husband, which reflects nearly the ending of 1900’s in Arabic society and how women where starting to break free from men dominance. Blanche character in all of them was almost the same, which illustrate how women in the 19’s where used to be victim of patriarchal society which only accept the cheating treason if it comes from men, for it meant masculinity and power. And if that a women was promiscuous it’s because she is a slut and they won’t forgive her even if she tried to change, they will keep on reminding her of her past. Blanche was victims of her desires; which have caused her to be driven out of city. However, the society refused to forgive her no matter how hard she tried to

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