How Is Guilt Presented In Macbeth

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Guilt, The feeling of remorse or regret towards an action or subject.Macbeth has proven,on multiple occasions, that the primary theme is guilt.However with there being so much guilt in Macbeth it does change on how much guilt each character has at a given time.Furthermore, in Macbeth there is Guilt is in Two primary characters.Lady macbeth and macbeth however Macbeth has more guilt overall throughout the whole play. Macbeth From the start it a good guy a dedicated guy, he will do what it takes to get what he wants.However, he was not a killer. Macbeth states “We will proceed no further in this business.He hath honored me of late, and I have bought Golden opinions from all sorts of people,Which would be worn now in their newest gloss,Not cast…show more content…
“(3.2.37). The amount of guilt he has here is preventing him from enjoying his newfound position as King.Later on in act 3 it is realized that Macbeth feels guilty for not just the death of King duncan but also the death Bellew 3 of Banquo.His Guilt leads to a hallucination of a ghost at the end of the banquet table. In acts IV and V Macbeth's Guilt is nearly minimal. At this point in the play the only person affected by their guilt is lady macbeth. She is driven insane by her guilt soon committing suicide due to how far it drove her crazy.However in act 5 macbeth realizes he will die but he doesn't know how. The witches told him he will die just wasn't sure how he will die.The witches told him he will die by someone not born of a women which made no sense at the time. Finally Throughout this play macbeth's guilt Adjust to different actions and events.although in the beginning he was highly distraught,due to the guilt caused by his thoughts about killing king duncan, he went ahead and killed king duncan.He did so to become king himself this action made it worse.His guilt after killing Duncan increased dramatically.However as the play comes to an end macbeths guilt slowly decreases.By the time

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