Similarities Between 1984 And Modern Day Society

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Various themes can be seen in 1984 and modern day society such as control, hopeless, and deprivation. In 1984 the government controls the people to extreme extents in both of the stories 1984 and Harrison Bergen the government controls deprives and makes its citizens hopeless To begin with , the theme of control is a central component in both 1984 and modern day society. for example , in 1984 the government controls by moderating there every move through a tele screen this is illustrated when the protagonist winston, is doing dayliey exercises when a voice from the screen yells “6079 smith w yes you bend over please you can do better then that” this example exemplifies the control that excited in 1984 and how citizens lacked privacy even in there own homes. an example of control in modern day society is how the government monitors our internet searches and phone calls and it is completely legal under the patriot act all they have to say is that were a threat to the government.…show more content…
the government in 1984 docent want to give the citizens anything good they want to deprive and oppress the people so they will not rebel “real sugar. not saccharine, sugar. And heres a loaf of bread-propped white bread, not our bloddy stuff-and a little pot of jam. And heres a tin of milk.” this really shows how bad that the citizens of ocean had it they were deprived of real milk. In modern day society the government is trying to deprive people of our privacy the government can have cameras any where and can listen to phone

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