How Is Fear Used In Lord Of The Flies

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FEAR is what pushes their decisions. The boys fight with fear of the unknown. They fear what they cannot see, the parts of the island they haven’t discovered. They even fear the harm they may do to one another. They can’t see in the dark, they don’t know what’s on the island, they’re uncertain of what the beast rally is, and they’re oblivious of the depths of their own violent skills. BEGINNING: When the boys first landed on the island, there is the fear of having no grownups. Example of this would be, Piggy realizes that they are trapped on the island and that they might die there. MIDDLE: The fear of the beast on the island continues to haunt the boys. The savagery symbol of the novel uses the beast to scare and control the boys. END: Finally, fear totally takes over the boys’ minds. They attempt to kill Ralph under Jack’s order. The fear of abandonment, fear of the beast, and the fear of the savagery self-manifest in many ways to demonstrate human’s probable of ruin.…show more content…
- The signal fire symbolizes their fear of not being rescued. - The darkness is also the symbol of fear because the kids are not afraid during the day but at night their fear is intensified. - The beast turns out the fear of death. It is the reason why there’s so much savagery on the island. Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. People are not only living with joy but with fear too. Some have fear of rejection---being alone and left out. Others have fear of the unknown; they are not sure what they are really afraid of. “Well. They’re frightened…I mean the way things are. They dream. You can hear ‘em. Have you been awake at
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