Forrest Gump Movie Vs Book

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When comparing both the book and the movie, there are certainly a fair share of similarities, like the overall plot, but there are certainly more differences. The main difference that was left out of the movie was when Forrest went on the mission trip for NASA with the female astronaut and the ape named Sue. The overall tone between the two is a significant difference, with the novel giving off a much edgier vibe than that of the lighthearted family movie. The film pains the main character, Forrest Gump, as a loveable child and man who brightens everyone he comes in contact with, from friends and family to historical figures. In the novel, Forrest is a lot edgier than in the movie. In the book, Forrest experiences heavy drug use, constantly smokes, uses profanity, tries his luck as a professional wrestler and more.…show more content…
The novel also describes how Forrest is able to solve difficult mathematical problems, is a talented musician and is advanced enough to be an extremely gifted chess player. Those things never occur in the movie because the film character is much less advanced than in the novel. However, it was not just Forrest that was different from the book and movie. In the movie, both Jenny and Forrest’s mother pass away. But in the novel, the two each continue to live on as the novel ends, even though Forrest’s mom is hardly mentioned in the book. In addition, a few important characters were left out of the movie. Forrest’s college roommate Curtis and a gorilla named Sue, who Forrest becomes friends with on the NASA mission trip to space, were both left out of the

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