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A Fatherless Childhood It has never been easy growing up this way, in a home without a father. Most fatherless children grow up without knowing what it feels like to go out and play catch on a warm summer day, go hunting on a cold frost covered morning, or even go fishing right before the sunsets on the horizon. They live without knowing what it feels like to come home and ask “Dad, will you pretty please come to career day with me and tell my friends how awesome you are?”. The fact is living without a father is one of the hardest things for a child because most of the time no one steps in to fill that position which makes growth hard. From my own experiences, most homes that have no fathers live with financial worries and emotional distress. Growing up I worried about something that children normally didn’t even know existed and that is financial trouble. Since it was only my mother and I it was hard to make “ends meet”. At the time my mom was working at a dead end job at a hair salon where she would barely make enough money to pay the bills.…show more content…
This disorder made me scared to leave someone I was close to because I had a fear that they would abandon me and I would never see them again. The disorder led to a life time struggle with depression. My struggles with depression began to surface around age eleven or twelve when I was told how and why my father left, and this caused my grades in school to slump and my social life came to a screeching halt. Around age fifteen my depression skyrocketed and I regrettably resorted to hurting myself and putting myself down. When my mother found out what I was doing to myself, I was put into therapy sessions to help me fight depression in another way. After a year and a half of sessions I knew how to handle depression and began talking to my father. Today my father and I talk every other week and have a decent and respectable relationship with each

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