Pot In The Odyssey

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The artist who made this pot was clearly trying to do more than just make a beautiful piece of artwork. The people, their body language, and even the way in which he created the pot all have a deep meaning. For example, not only do each of the sides of the pot have a distinct message, but the fact that the artist chose to portray two different viewpoints on the two opposite sides says a lot. It is interesting because the people in each of the two scenes do not know the full story of what is happening on the other side, just as a viewer of this pot would not be able to be see both sides at once. One side of the pot has a picture of Telemachus looking at Penelope next to her loom. At a first glance it could look like she is still working on the tapestry, but if you look closely at the loom you can see that she is in…show more content…
It is unclear what he is offering to Odysseus. The nurse looks surprised and stunned, so it is likely that she just saw Odysseus’s scar that he got when he was younger and it is just now connecting in her mind that the feet she is washing are those of the king, not a beggar. She would not have known this before because he is still in disguise. You can tell because he is using a cane and still holding a knapsack. The nurse luckily agrees to not reveal his true identity to Penelope, which helps the story progress very well. While the artist was undoubtedly trying to portray those small things about the pot, I think that the main message is that the pot puts a viewer in the same perspective as the characters depicted on it. Odysseus does not know what is happening with the loom situation, just as viewers of the piece would not be able to know about the loom if they were looking at the Odysseus side. This is absolutely not a coincidence, and I think it is incredible that the artist both depicted the story in the images, the construction, and the

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