Mike Lowell The Father Of Adversity

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I know that most of us have gone through some type of adversity in our lives, even if we all don't go through the same problems as a child, we all have some type of problem, rather its non-supporting parents, no financial stability, or tough living conditions. If we know someone who has adversity then we need to help them get through the hard times even if we are going through something to. We must beat adversity and not let it beat us. We all go through adversity but we need to stay positive and push through it. Erik Comptons attitude and perseverance got him through all his struggles & pain in life. Growing up Erik faced things that most kids don't have to go through. By age 12 Erik was getting his first heart transplant and not long after that he was having his second because it failed (Dorman B14). He drove himself to play golf because it was a sport with a slower pace, he was pretty good at it (Dorman B14). Erik Compton had an amazing…show more content…
Mike Lowell went through some hard times as a child, but that didn't stop him. He had a hard childhood because his dad was an alcoholic and his family couldn't escape Puerto Pico because of the leader, Castro (“Jockbio…”). He was a very intelligent kid and was an exceptional baseball player, he played on the Puerto Rican national baseball team (“Jockbio…”). He was very fluent in english and spanish (“Jockbio…”). Mike Lowell had an amazing baseball career. He had a mental goal to be the best (“Jockbio…”). He was drafted by one of the best MLB teams, the New York Yankees (“Jockbio…”). In 1997 he won the Player of the Year award with .315 batting average, 30 home runs, and 92 RBIs (“Jockbio…”). He led the yankees to a world series (“Jockbio…”). When he was on the yankees they dominated every team in the field (“Jockbio…”). He was on the all-star teamin 2002 (“Jockbio…”). We all have adversity in our lives, but we can choose to overcome it or get stuck on

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