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Speech Who in here has been drunk before? And which of you were drunk before the age of 18? If any, what benefits has that given you? Was it worth it? Just think about that for a second. Personally I believe that the government SHOULD bring the minimal legal drinking age UP to 21 and I’m not the only one. There is growing support, with many advocates behind the push for a higher Drinking age and a great amount of research has been done on this topic. I’ve got three ways in which I’m going to convince you that a higher minimal drinking age is the right choice for Australia. Firstly I’m going to show you the effectiveness of a higher Minimum legal drinking age compared to a lower one, secondly I’m going to argue about the common belief that because…show more content…
The effect of variation in the legal drinking age has been widely studied. More than 70 studies have examined the impact on alcohol related road injury, deaths and other outcomes of either increasing or decreasing the drinking age. From the American Journal of Preventative Medicine composed by a series of doctors, a review of 17 studies were taken in relation to states in America that had raised the minimal drinking age to 21. It estimated that underage crashes due to alcohol involvements were reduced on average by 16% when the drinking age was risen. This is supported by an article composed by Doctor Alexander C. Wagenaar and Doctor Traci L. Toomey, which they wrote just after the turn of the millennia, composing of 57 published studies that assessed the effects of changes to the drinking age on indicators of drink driving and traffic crashes. In the 57 studies, a total of 102 crash outcome measures were analysed. Of the 102 analyses, 52, that’s 51% found a significant relationship between the legal drinking age and crashes; that is, as the legal age was lowered, the number of crashes increased, and as the legal age was raised, the number of crashes

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