How Does Golding Use Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies shows the evil and hatred that is inherent in everyone. William Golding uses the image of young boys getting stranded on a deserted island to show that this evil and hatred only shows in certain circumstances. Without the constant help and supervision of their parents, they are free to do whatever they want. Little do they know that this freedom creates much turmoil and disarray. Chaos and fear are the biggest factors that impact the group of boys in Lord of the Flies. Without these factors, the boys would probably not have the motivation to stay together and live because these factors kept their mind off the difficult task of dealing with the situation they were in. However, the boys react negatively to their fear of the beast, fear…show more content…
Sam and Eric had apparently seen the beast with their own eyes and led the group of explorers to the sight. “ “We’ve seen the beast with our own eyes. No-we weren't asleep-... “Course I’m frightened. Who wouldn’t be?””(Golding 100) Eventually, they led them to a place where you could see the beast and this confirmed their worst fears. “...something like a great ape was sitting asleep with its head between its knees...the creature lifted its head, holding toward them the ruin of a face.”(123) Finally seeing the beast and knowing that it was real greatly impacted and changed the boys. Little did they know that the “beast” was actually a dead paratrooper that had landed on the island from the World War happening around them. Jack and his followers became anxious to find and hunt the beast. Meanwhile, Ralph and Piggy still kept to the schedule of making the shelters and keeping the fire going while Jack and his group went to hunt. The hunters became really good at hunting and became more and more savage with their ways of killing and sacrificing. One night Jack and his hunters were having a feast with their freshly killed pig and a big storm

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