Evil In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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In Golding’s novel the Lord of the Flies, he implies that human morality can be revoked by the instinctive need for survival. “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” (Golding 125). This exemplifies the barrier that civilization creates and how the absence of order reveals a profound evil within man. The boys sustain a sense of organization and command over this lurking evil at the beginning of the novel. However; as time goes by they expose themselves to the innate evil that accumulates the possibility of savagery and corruption. Throughout the novel there are many relations between the war that occurs outside of the island (reality) and the war/conflict between the groups of boys (microcosm). When the dead parachutist falls down to the island, it is the first sign from the adult…show more content…
Golding uses his novel Lord of the Files as a way of presenting his pessimistic attitude concerning war. First of all, Golding shows how the morals of the boys are compromised and how they represent the true evil and destruction that lies deep within man. In the novel the boys act as if everything is a game, which corresponds with the soldiers that fought in WW1 and WW2. “We nearly set the whole island on fire. And we waste time, rolling rocks, and making little cooking fires” (Golding 87). Ralph tries to address the need for obedience and the importance of the tasks they are responsible for. The littluns want to have fun and play games because their morals and sense of innocence remain. However; as Jack exposes them to the cruel and violent nature of man, their morals change and their innocence deteriorates. This relates to the soldiers that wanted to serve their country and the countless men who were driven in by war and sacrifice. Many soldiers wanted to protect and fight for the people they cared about, but the monstrosities of war empowered them with fear and
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