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Bilingualism is a capacity to speak and write in two languages. In Canada, there are two official languages, English and French. Historically, France ruled Eastern Canada which includes Quebec and England dominated Canada after 1763. Therefore, Quebeckers have been speaking French since the middle of the 16 century. In reality, they tried to be independent of Canada to retain their own history and culture. However, when the Official Languages Act, which is an act that legislates bilingualism, was passed, the movement of independence was suppressed and Canada determined to become an officially bilingual country (See, 2011). Despite the challenges, remaining bilingual should be accepted in order to unite Canadians. And, it must be necessary…show more content…
Owing to the non-use of the languages, the knowledge of a second language has faded after finishing school. Instead, other languages such as “Spanish, Mandarin or Punjabi” has recently in popularity (June 22, 2012). However, Lepage & Corbeil (May, 2013, p.1) discovered the population of bilingual in Canada has increased from 12.2% in 1961 to 17.5% in 2011. Also, in Quebec, the rate of bilingual has been highly gaining ground from 25.5% in 1961 to 42.6% in 2011. In contrast with rising rates of “Spanish, Mandarin or Punjabi”, Canadian official languages, English and French, will never be influenced by these languages (Baluja & Bradshaw, June 22, 2012; Dion, May 1,…show more content…
Graham Fraser, a Canadian Commissioner of Official Languages, figures that the success of other languages on the job are considered more necessary “in today’s global economies” by 89% of Canadians because of the rising of multilingual (June 22, 2012). However, speaking French are still demanded for people who work in “costumer-facing jobs” such as guides, hotelmen, airliners and bankers not only in Quebec but also outside Quebec. Also, the Canadian Commissioner of Official Languages illustrates the truth is 84% of Canadians strongly think bilingualism is a beneficial for a better job (June 22,

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