'Tom Robinson And Boo Radley In To Kill A Mockingbird'

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“How does the title of the story tie to the stories events?” The the title of this book ties into the events in the story two separate ways. The first way that the title ties into the events has to do with Tom Robinson. When Jem and Scout first get their air rifles Atticus tells them not to kill any mockingbirds. He said that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird because they do nothing to hurt any other birds. This ties in with Tom Robinson because he had done nothing wrong. They had killed him for no reason really he was just trying to help the girl not rape her. And because he was African American they thought that it was ok to shoot him but in reality he was just like a mocking bird. The second way that the title tied into the story was with Boo Radley. Boo Radley had done nothing wrong people just didn't understand him, everyone thought that he had killed his parents but, he did not. Boo doesn't deserve to be treated the way that he was, He was just like Tom Robinson, a mockingbird. That is how the title of the story ties in with events in the book. “What two characters in the story are in similar situations? How?”…show more content…
These two characters were in a similar situation because people did not treat them right and they were known for something they did not really do. Tom Robinson was accused of rapeing a girl but really he was just trying to help her. They gave him such a hard time and ended up killing him because he was African American. Boo Radley was in the same situation because everyone thought that he stabbed one of his parents and crept on people at night. In reality he was a very nice man and never did those thing, he cared for those kids and left them gifts in the tree and treated them like they were his own. In the end he ended up saving their lives. These two men were both in the same situation of being misunderstood. That is how they are in similar
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