To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Vs Book

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To Kill A Mockingbird, like most novels, had been made into a film, and though the movie is may be similar to the book, which is very rare, the movie does lack some key details that were found exclusively in the book. One very notable difference is Aunt Alexandra, a very influential and strong character in the book, has been left out in the movie and the children’s game of enacting the Radley family is also left out. The movie did do its part in including some crucial details like the respect the African Americans had for the Atticus is incredibly accurate and the heroism of Boo Radley is also identical to the way the book describes it. Aunt Alexandra is a crucial character in To Kill A Mockingbird because of her influence in Scout’s life and Jem’s game, “Boo Radley” is also very important because it contributes to the transitioning maturity of Jem. “..fanatical on the subject of my attire..could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breeches; when I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn't supposed to be doing things that required pants. Aunt Alexandra's vision of my deportment involved playing with small…show more content…
(pg. 83). Clearly, to Scout, Aunt Alexandra was called over by Atticus to fill in the motherly figure Scout needed in her life. She is shown to mold Scout into decent young lady, much to Scout’s dislike, and even though Aunt Alexandra’s “becoming a lady”

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