How Does Benjamin Franklin Affect Society

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Ben’s Autobiography (An analysis of Franklin on Society and Himself) “It was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection.” That line is first text on page 141, and it boldly states that Franklin thinks he can achieve moral perfection. He thought that having certain virtues was the key to perfection. Franklin's autobiography did not only affect just himself, but future Americans too. His attempt to become a completely virtuous person embodies much of the American value. Benjamin Franklin’s path to perfection not only affected himself, but future Americans to come. To begin, Franklin has thirteen virtues that are key to moral perfection. This essay will discuss three. The virtue of silence affected both him, and our society today. Franklin’s definition, “Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversations.” He’s saying here to let only uplifting words come out of your mouth, and don't get involved in gossip. This most likely helped Franklin later in life when he had associate himself with any political savvy people. Society today has that attitude of ‘we know we shouldn’t gossip, but were going to anyway’. The virtue is there, and highly preached about from adult to child, it’s not always put into effect quite like Franklin did it though. Most Americans know…show more content…
The effect justice had on Franklin was not entirely dramatic, he already had justice to begin with. He just had to learn to use it every day. With his detailed work and organization, Franklin practiced all thirteen of these virtues until he concluded that it is impossible to be morally perfect. He knew how to be justful. He influenced many that read his autobiography, which in turn started the domino effect and more and more people learned about, and how to practice

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