How Do Women's Conversations Vary From Men

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• Consider the various forms of conversation that take place during the story. How do the women’s conversations vary from the men’s? -The men - sheriff Peters, the county attorney Henderson, and Mr. Hale - come across as loud, brisk and hearty, as they busy themselves with looking round the Wright house for clues to the murder of Mr. Wright. By contrast, the two women - Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters - are quieter, much more guarded in their conversation, both with each other and even more so with the men. • There are various settings described in the story. Describe at least three various settings and explain how they help your understanding of the story. -A setting is, when Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters first meet and Mrs. Hale ignores Mrs. Peters. Later on in the story, the two women work together to free Minnie. One of the settings is the Kitchen were Mr. Hale comments with a tone of superiority that women worry over trifles. Another…show more content…
Explain the symbolism behind the Minnie Foster’s quilt, the broken bird cage, and the bird. -The quilt symbolizes that Minnie is starting to lose her mind. The broken cage represents that Minnie is finally free from her husband. The dead bird is a representation of her broken singing dreams • Why is the method in which the husband was murdered so important? Consider the strength and sudden emotion required to accomplish such a murder. -Her husband had died of a rope around his neck while he was sleeping in bed with her. It would have taken great amount of strength and she would be angry from death of her bird. • How is the men’s laughter different from the women’s laughter? What does it reveal about gender roles and about both how the men and the women behaved and felt? -The men laugh because they make fun of the women. The women do not laugh. Women are expected to clean and cook. The men are required to provide for their family and do they want, because they are the

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