Copper Sun Character Analysis

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Copper Sun, by Sharon Draper, is a very drastically emotionally changing story. This story follows a young 15 year old african girl who is kidnapped from her home and placed into slavery. Amari is faced with lots of changing emotions depending on her circumstances. The most powerful emotions Amari faced and dealt with where happiness and joy, and hopelessness and fear. “I wish I could have flown away as well.” As this quote is showing hopelessness because at this point Amari’s whole family has been killed and her little brother Kwasi has just been killed as well. It creates a sad mood because losing your whole family causes a lot of grief. ‘How could he beat you like that?” Amari is beaten badly just for tripping when dining on Master Derby.…show more content…
This brings her joy because it takes her back to a time when she was with Kwasi. Amari sees and feels Kwasi through Tidbit. Although it was sad flashing back thinking how Amari lost her whole family it brought happiness to Amari. “Come dance for the strangers!” Amari quietly pushed Kwasi away reminding him that she was no longer a child anymore. When really she could of danced she just preferred peaking at Besa. Besa was Amari’s love before the invasion of the strangers, Amari and Besa were planning for marriage. Even though these dances and festivities were going on when the strangers were present, it was still very joyful because dancing and playing the drums was a tradition that brought joy and happiness to the whole tribe. They were also just welcoming the strangers and did not know their purpose. This part was very happy in the book to see how much fun they were having and how close it brought them together. In conclusion Sharon Draper did a fantastic job expressing and showing emotions through out this story. With all this emotion that she used fear, anger, hope, sorrow, it created big vivid pictures in the reader’s mind and helped the reader imagine what the character was feeling and experiencing. Sharon started of with a very sensitive and emotional topic and it did

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