George Armstrong Custer: A True American Hero

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George Armstrong Custer was born December 5, 1889, in New Rumley, Ohio. He was named after a minister, George Armstrong, because his father hoped that his son would one day join the clergy. His father, Emanuel Henry Custer, was a farmer and a blacksmith. His mother was Marie Ward Kirkpatrick. He had four siblings and several half-siblings. Custer had many nicknames including “Autie”, “Armstrong”, “The Boy General”, and “Ringlets”. He was raised in Michigan and Ohio. Custer’s family was poor, but George was determined that he would make a better life for himself. Most of his childhood was spent living in Monroe, Michigan where he lived with his half- sister and her husband. When he graduated from high school his goal was to attend…show more content…
After his death, his wife worked tirelessly to defend her husband’s hard work. She became an outspoken person who told about her husband’s legacy through books and lectures in which she made. Her hard work paid off after campaigning for him, he is known as” Custer’s Last Stand.” It has been canon of America’s history for a close century after his death. Thanks to her determination and drive, George is well known today as a true American Hero. He was initially buried on the battlefield where he died but later placed in the West Point cemetery. George Custer was a great American who fought for his country and made it the place it is now. He has given his country many wins in battle. He is also known for his many attacks against the Plain Indians. He was a great general even at a young age he had been war smart, that’s where his nickname came “Boy General.” George was very successful in military where he earned a Major Generalcy when he was 25 years old, which happens to be the youngest man to hold that rank in the annals of the American military. Custer had become a northern hero. Custer is well known around America for his last battle “Custer’s Last Stand.” Some people say he was dumb some people say he was a genius but he was a good leader our country. Custer was very different because when he was a child he wanted to read more about war books and biographies. He was kind and generous to his friends but he was bitter and implacable towards his enemies. His soldiers say he was hard on them but in the end they said all of his hardness on them paid

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