Comparing The Wendat And The Kanienkehaka

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Aliza C. Sept. 30, 2015 Could they live in peace essay SiigvsdbnagjsaHUkd “When the power of love overtakes the love of power, the world will know peace” -Jimi Hendrix Before the colonists came to America, there were many different Native American groups living here. Some of them were friendly and traded, and some of them were at war. The Wendat and the Kanienkehaka where both living here at that time. I think that the Wendat and the Kanienkehaka could live in peace because they have many similar practices. For example, they have similar ideas about their origins, used similar food sources, and housed themselves similarly. The Wendat and Kanienkehaka both have very similar creation stories. In both of them, the first person on earth was a woman who fell from the sky. She then gave birth to twins. There was a benevolent one and a malevolent one. The benevolent one rules the day and the earth and the malevolent one rules the night and the underworld. In the stories, small details such as the names of the boys are different, but all together they are very similar. I think that they could still work through these small differences.…show more content…
They both grew corn, beans, and squash as crops. The Wendat gathered nuts and berries, made syrup, and hunted for beaver, fish, and deer. The Kanienkehaka gathered berries, fruits, roots, greens, and nuts; and hunted for deer, bear, and fish. Overall, they used many of the same food sources and the ones that differed would not cause war between them in my

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