How Do People Use Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the early and middle 1900's discrimination and prejudice were very common. Prejudice in To Kill A Mocking Bird were displayed by acts and misunderstanding because of a person's skin color. Colored people were the majority that was treated most unfair during this time. They couldn’t go to the same schools as whites, use the same bathrooms, drinking fountains, eat in the same restaurants or even sit in front of the buses. Even though there was much discrimination toward backs, there were many accounts toward the impoverished from those that had money. Many people thought blacks were "dumb" and called them names. They also were given low paying jobs (such as chopping wood) and hard labor with little pay because they were thought to be dumb. In the novel, To Kill A…show more content…
True, that they passed the grandfather clause. But as the law states, blacks were only allowed to vote if their grandfather voted, being that their grandfathers were slaves, they couldn't vote. So even with the law, it had no effect and blacks couldn't and would never vote unless a new law passed. Blacks also weren’t allowed to go to the same schools or anything the white people went. For example, blacks weren’t allowed go to the same restaurants, couldn't drink from the same water fountain or even use the same bathroom, this was all because of something called the Jim Crow laws. They had to have separate water fountains, bathrooms, schools, and even churches. They weren’t even allowed to sit in the front of the buses; they had to sit in the back. Even is there were no seats left if a white person came on the bus, black people had to either stand up or get out, even if it wasn't there spot to get off. Some of this was even shown in Harper Lee's novel. When the scene in the court came up, black people had to get up so that the white children could be seated. They were also standing on the second floor instead of downstairs front
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