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Regardless of individual perspectives, Kurt Cobain made an incredible impact on the world which still lingers today. His in your face attitude and intimate lyrics made him one of the most successful and influential music artist of all time. But to become one of the best, you have to go through struggles. At a young age Kurt Cobain struggled with his family. After the divorce of his parents, Kurt began to show a rebellious attitude and became distant from his parents (Bio). He started to getting into drugs and alcohol to cope with the divorce (Bio). Distraught about the ordeal with his parents, he began to live at the houses of his relatives and even lived under a bridge for a while (Burnout) . Through all of the turmoil in his youth, Kurt found a passion for music and art. He began to express his feelings and thoughts into songs he would later produced. After high school…show more content…
But with success came pressure. He began to use heroin as an escape from the cumbersome stress of being famous and as a relief for his chronic stomach problems (Bio). During this time, Kurt married and later had a child. Even his personal life could not be saved from turmoil. He fought with his wife about drug use and almost had his child taken away due to it. Life became heavy for Kurt and he attempted suicide while on tour in Rome (Rolling Stone). After his failed suicide attempt, he returned to the United States and became homeless. After living on the streets, Kurt Cobain was checked into a rehab facility. Sadly rehab was unsuccessful. He was found wandering the streets of Seattle after being checked into rehab a few days earlier (Bio). Shortly after, Kurt Cobain committed suicide at the age of 27. Fans from all over the world came to his house and held a candlelight vigil (Bio). Even after his death Kurt Cobain was still popular. Nirvana sold more albums than ever and even released never before heard

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