Lamb-To-The Slaughter Murder

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In the real world, crime is committed almost everyday. Some ranging from the stealing a pencil at the local convenient store, to murdering someone because of a certain hatred. But whatever it is, crime is illegal and people have to suffer the consequences that comes from committing a crime. While most of the time, these people are caught, other times people are clever and gets away with it. This is what happened in Roald Dahl’s short story, Lamb to the Slaughter. The story starts off with an innocent housewife named Mary Maloney who awaits her husband, Patrick Maloney, arrival from work. When he got home, Mary was stunned with terrible news that Patrick was leaving her. Unable to cope with this event, Mary broke down and killed her husband by hitting the back of his head with a leg of lamb. Soon after she realized what she has done and was worried about what might happen to her. After she faked a whole story to hide that she killed her husband, Mary fooled the detectives and got away with the crime she had committed. Is this first degree murder? First, what differentiate what type of murder to another is the state of mind one person is in during the act. First degree murder is a premeditated killing, which means that the…show more content…
After she killed Patrick, she called the cops, served the lamb, and went to the grocers. Although these events seemed like it was planned, it is not pre-mediation but post-traumatic activity. She definitely lost her mind when Patrick told her that he was leaving her. She didn't know what to do, she was completely out of it. Mary then creates a scenario that she starts to believe so that when she does see her husband, the reaction to his death is genuine. It is also weird at the end of the story when she giggled as if she was crazy when she realizes what is happening. This gives off that she might have lost her mind in the moments of
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