Sneakerhead Research Paper

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Collecting shoes seems like the only thing that a sneakerhead would do, but is more than that. they don't only collect, they trade and being an sneaker id more of a hobby, they are also highly experience in distinguishing between real and fake replica of sneakers.The sneakerhead subculture has made a big affect on society by developing the profit of the footwear industry and promoting the collection of sport shoes. Over the years there have been a lot of changes in the footwear industry and having the NBA new coming Michael Jordan played an important role that brought up the sneaker subculture. An enterprise sneakerhead says that “back then the jordans were a luxury item and that started people being robbed from them”, then they became…show more content…
People all over the world gather in one place to sale and trade shoes with each other,this is called a sneaker convention. You can walk in with one pair of shoes and walk out of the convention with hundreds of dollars.In this subculture shoes are introduced like if they where diamonds.”For many of us,buying a pair of sneakers is a chore.But for sneaker collectors, theres no greater joy then a fresh pair of kicks(Lamnile1)”.The Sneakerhead subculture has channged the view on viewing shoes.Shoes are glorified and are more valuable than ever before.This subculture has affected the generationm that people are getting killed over a pair of

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