How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Family

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The Industrial Revolution During the late eighteen hundreds the industrial revolution happened. The United States slowly rehabilitated from rural areas to urban. The arrival of new technology such as mechanical power machine and factories revolutionize many aspects of people’s life. The industrial revolution structured the ideal American family, establish new type of communities, and set new ideas on certain individuals. Before the industrial revolution “home” referred to a place where a large amount of family members such as grandparent, uncles, and cousins lived. In the early nineteenth century it all changed, the home become a private place of a nuclear family that consisted of the mother, the father, and the children. With the new jobs…show more content…
Before the industrial revolution marriage was a form of economic benefit to the family. Arranged marriages were the traditional way of joining a couple life’s together, in many cases the couple didn’t even know each other. They believe love came after marriage, therefore marrying someone they didn’t know didn’t matter. During the industrial revolution a shift on this subject occurred. Marriage became base on love and attraction between two individuals. This is the period where dating and going out began. Just like the view on married change the view of childhood years did too. Before the industrial revolution infants were viewed as miniature adults who had to get prepared for the harshness of life. A reason being is becomes when people farmed the children were consider another pair of hands to help farming, and when people moved to the city children became another mouth to feed which implemented the need of love and affection. This lead for a decrease of birth rates but an increased in the population because of immigration. The view on marriage and infants changed and one of the main reasons was because of the industrial

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